Friday, September 18, 2009

Wacky's Battle: A Mother's Fear

I feel sick whenever I watch the news; I’m afraid that the outside world is not a safe heaven for any of our sons and daughters. Just last night I’ve watch news about a 13 years old boy that died after his own mother beat him. I’ve been following treads about this young lady, a daughter who was shot point blank by a robber because she refuses to give her bag; she went on a coma and died after. A lot of child abuse video over the internet. I’ve read about a gun man who was suicidal he even account his plan on his blog and wrote that he will be shooting people at their local gym and would commit suicide. Every now and then we would hear news about someone’s son or daughter who was kidnap, rob, raped, involved in a vehicular accident and what not.

My son is 4 yrs old and I’m 32, oh yeah, you can say that I’m still young and I can carry on by protecting my child. But when you look deeper into the picture you’ll see big concerns and as much as I don’t want to anticipate or pre-empt any up coming events that this unpredictable life has to offer I still have to face some facts. You see I’m a single mother, I’m not getting any younger, my son is growing, soon he’ll need more than what I can comfortably offer and that this world is full of demented people and that evil comes in all forms, colors, shapes and sizes.

As our children step out of our home the world becomes their learning ground and the society becomes their family. But what does this society has to offer? ~ Nothing but a show case of wicked, fun fare politician who governs this nation with corrupt hands. The election is fast approaching everyone’s trying to kiss each others ass and everyone’s saying that they can provided betterment for our country, but has anyone said that I can save your kids from the fangs of civilization? Or can anyone of them realize that they are the disease…that they are the one killing our kids in the street, that they are the root cause of all the hunger, greed, ignorance and poverty that impels someone to rob our helpless kids in the street, forcing them to kill just so they can survive, lack of knowledge that leads to violence and abuse. Now, what can you offer me and how can you secure my child?

As a parent our instinct are to protect our children, to create a safe and wholesome environment for them but how can we do that if we are not so sure about what the world has to offer them. We can only keep them safe as far as our hands can stretch and they have to protect themselves out side our cradles. Those are my fear. I wonder how worst can this society grow when he reaches the ripe age and he has to face the battle on his own.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Recalling Singapore Part 1

Last May as part of my brother’s birthday treat to Wacky he sends us to Singapore where he resides. He decides to bring us there instead of him going home to Manila. It was fun he had loads of activities in store for us. Although this will be a late post I still would like to account all the things we’ve enjoyed there…if wackybattle still exist when Wacky reaches his right age by then he’ll be able to read this and recall what fun he had with his family.

Wacky’s first airplane ride

Unlike other kids who would be scared in riding airplane he was different he was crying inside the airport because he wanted to ride the plane right away. I told him we have to wait until they announce that we are ready for boarding. So, when we got inside the plane at around 7pm he was so happy, I can see the smile on his face and he kept on asking “are we taking off mom?” when the plane took off he was amaze, I can see that he was savoring the moment, excited but quiet and his face was all lit up.

I was trying to take a nap since it’s a 3 hours flight but he kept on waking me up saying “hey mom this is a cool plane!” “Mommy we’re flying!” “Stars! Stars! I can see stars!” and the famous question of all time “are we there yet?” he was so noisy everyone was looking at us but smiling and laughing…

We reached our destination and he was running around Singapore airport, it was difficult for me because I have to chase him with all the luggage in my hand, I can’t expect my mother to chase after him because my mom is quite old for her age to run after a 4 years old with the agility of a cheetah…but fortunately I survived!

It was around 11 pm when we met Ninong Renz and Tita Jess who was waiting for us to Arrive, after that we had a late dinner at Mc Donalds and we went to my brothers’ condo where we will be staying. When we were changing Wacky to his pj he was grumpy he said he wants to sleep at home and he needs to go home…hahahaha if only he knew how far away home is, I bet he wouldn’t argue. He calmed down when Renz showed him his Ferrari Comforter, phew that was close!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Wacky Sea Monkeys

Yesterday I got Wacky his new obsession a Sea Monkey’s starter kit. He’s been asking me to buy that for almost 3 months now along with the others stuffs like bakugan, transformers, hot wheels and story books. So, when I was in megamall after being frustrated because I can’t find a costume of Naruto (his costume for United Nations), I came a cross the Sea Monkey’s section and started reading the instructions. The sales man approached to assist me, he graciously answered every question that I have about those tiny creatures and I ended up buying one.
When I reached home he was in our bedroom watching cartoons, he jump off the bed when he saw that I was carrying a toy kingdom plastic bag. He jumped around kissing and hugging me and saying I love you mommy! Thank you mommy! With out even knowing what’s inside the bag. I told him that I got him something that he’s been asking for a long time and he jump shouting “SEA MONKEYS!!! oh, mom you’re the best mom in the world!” (awwws! that’s so sweet).

So we open up the kit and as per instruction we have to purify the water first for 24 hours before putting the Sea Monkeys eggs, I was instructed by the guy who sold me the kit to use only absolute mineral water because it is much purer than the other bottled water (sosyal). Wacky was static he wanted to put the eggs right away but I have to explain that we have to wait for 24 hours before doing so…ang kulit, but he eventually understand.

Why did I buy him a Sea Monkey?

Because Wacky needs to learn the following:


The value of waiting.

Counting days

How to take care of pets (more like pet 101 for Wacky, I can’t allow Wacky to have dogs or cats at his age, we’ll start with the toy pet)

Raising a Sea monkey as pet is not that easy he needs to be patient and it will requires a lot of waiting.

There are 3 steps to follow in Raising Sea monkeys:

1st ~ purification of water, this will take 24 hours before the water is ready for the eggs.

2nd ~ waiting for the eggs to hatch which will take around 4-7 days depending on the water temperature

3rd ~ Feeding of the Sea Monkeys every 5 days, he can never feed the Sea Monkeys everyday otherwise they will die.

I just called him today to say good luck in his class, but when he picked up the phone he was telling me that later we’ll be putting the Sea Monkey’s egg and 5 days after we have to feed them. Wacky is really amazing he’s a fast learner I’m sure his digging the values that I’m trying to instill to his child heart and as per our Sea monkeys wish us luck, we can’t wait to see them!

What are Sea Monkeys anyways?

Sea-Monkeys® are a true miracle of nature. They exist in suspended animation inside their tiny eggs for many years. The instant-life crystals, in which the eggs are enclosed, preserve their viability and help to extend still further their un-hatched life span! Sea-Monkeys are real Time-Travelers asleep in biological time capsules for their strange journey into the future!

The joy of watching Sea-Monkeys grow offers a lot more than just pure fun. It is one of the outstanding educational experiences of a lifetime, because the entire life-cycle of these unique creatures are fully recreated. Conceived in 1960 as a biological novelty, the “fantasy” has transformed into brilliant reality.

Click here to learn about Sea Monkeys

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms
when his hands are empty.

~Reader's Digest

I have been through a lot of ups and downs...and the above quote says it all.

I have experienced emptiness - money, food, shelter but my child made me push for greatness.
I have experience excruciating pain - but my child holds my heart and wipe the pain away.
I have experienced rejection - but my child held my head up so I can look proud.
I have experienced sadness - but my child filled it up with laughter and joy.
I have cried buckets of tears - but my child kissed my eyes and dried all the tears away.

I will always be thankful of Joaquin....he's my angel and my protector.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Our First Parent Teacher Conference

Parent Teacher Conference are held so that parents can keep track of their child's Academic, Social, Psychological behavior in school. If the child needs special attention and needs to improve in certain area this is where the teacher inform the parents so that the parents would be able to help their child learn and guide them towards improvements.

Yesterday I attended my first One on One Parent Teacher Conference in Wacky's school. I was quite excited and nervous at the same time...Just like I said it's my First time...

When I entered the room I was greeted by Wacky's teacher and she address Wacky as the "American Boy" because of how Wacky's talks (he speaks fluent English with a decent accent), She said that they never really had any problem with Wacky, He can express himself properly and he knows how to follow instruction...all Praises for the Boy. Then they hand me their Assessment:

As you can see he's almost perfect on all of his subjects...I know that Wacky is trying to keep up with the deal that we have and that's to buy him his own PSP when he gets a honor in school...

I will always be proud of my boy...his achievement will always be my achievement! Keep it up Wacky and Thanks for being a good boy!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

What's Inside the Wacky Bag?

Take a peek on Wacky's Super Lunch Box.

Usually there will be water, Choco drink and assorted biscuits just like what you see in the picture, however there will be days when he asks for Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Chicken Nuggets, Donuts, Cereals, Pop Corn and Juices. Every night before we go to bed I would usually ask him what he wants for his lunch box and he would open the refrigerator and search for what he wants so I have to be prepared all the time.

His Momsy always send him extra food for school so in that case I just need to buy additional lunch option for him.

Wacky in Uniform

My man in Uniform @ Kinder 1

I never had hard time sending Wacky to school. He likes his school and his new set of friends.
During the first week he was task by their teacher to comfort those kids that are crying, he was very interactive and he was very excited to learn.

Good Job Wacky boi!